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Marc Laniado: Consultant Urologist and Prostate Specialist, Harley Street, London

Marc Laniado
Marc Laniado: Consultant Urologist, Harley Street, London

Mr Marc Laniado is a highly experienced Consultant Urologist in Harley Street specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of men with prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) and prostate cancer. Skilled in the most up-to-date techniques for treatment that allow men to return to as normal a life as possible, he provides individually-tailored therapies for alleviating urinary symptoms or reducing the chance of dying from prostate cancer, with the greatest chance of preserving erections, ejaculation and bladder control.

About Mr Marc Laniado

Mr Marc Laniado graduated from Guy's Hospital Medical School in 1989, having previously gained a BSc in physiology. Following specialist urology training in London, he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Urology) in 2000, going on to complete his MD in prostate cancer research. He became a Fellow of the European Board of Urology in 2002 and is an international member of the American Urological Association.

Prior to taking up his career as a consultant, Mr Laniado extended his knowledge and skills on a Visiting Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the USA, where he trained in minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Mr Laniado was appointed as a consultant to Wexham Park Hospital in 2002, where he is the lead for prostate cancer. Specialising in rapid diagnostic techniques and minimally invasive treatments for prostatic enlargement and prostate cancer, his private practice is based in Harley Street, London and in Windsor, Berkshire.


Mr Laniado is a highly respected specialist, with over 15 years' experience in the full-time, direct care of men with prostate problems. Using a unique range of skills, he offers a totally personalised approach to prostate enlargement or prostate cancer, tailoring tests and treatment to the individual with the specific aim of preserving continence and erections.

Prostate enlargement (BPH)

Mr Laniado offers expert assessment and treatment of urinary symptoms caused by prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH), such as increased frequency, slow flow and getting up in the night.

Where initial advice on lifestyle changes and medications fail to improve symptoms, Mr Laniado offers UroLift, a minimally-invasive day-case procedure performed without a catheter that alleviates urinary symptoms without affecting erections or ejaculation.

In cases where the prostate is unsuitable for UroLift, Mr Laniado performs laser prostatectomy (HoLEP) as a day-case or overnight stay, which has the advantage of minimal bleeding and fewer side-effects compared to the traditional TURP procedure. His has also developed a modified method of HoLEP (epHoLEP) that is designed to preserve normal ejaculation in selected men. 

Mr Laniado also offers Rezum, a new minimally-invasive treatment for prostate enlargement that uses water vapour to remove excess prostate tissue.

Prostate cancer

In his NHS work, Mr Laniado has been responsible for the development of innovative pathways and treatments that benefit all men at risk of prostate cancer. Skilled in the assessment of men at risk of prostate cancer, he uses multiparametric MRI to diagnose the severity of the risk and to decide whether further investigations, such as MRI-targeted transperineal prostate biopsies are needed to diagnose prostate cancer. He also uses the new urine test SelectMDx to avoid biopsies where possible.

Where prostate cancer is detected, in suitable cases Mr Laniado offers active survellance (AS) and focal therapy with HIFU, a technique that preserves bladder control and erections. To help make decisions on need for treatment, Mr Laniado makes use of the Prolaris biomarker, which can better identify cancers that are not life-threatening compared to commonly used indicators. Hence, if the risk is low, more men with cancer can delay or avoid treatment.

Where the cancer is not suitable for either AS or focal therapy, Mr Laniado offers either brachytherapy or nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy using the Retzius-sparing technique, a new technique that preserves bladder control almost completely, and better than any other surgical method for removing the prostate. As a full-time clinician in the treatment of men with prostate disease, he regularly performs these operations every week.

In the press

As a leading consultant urologist, Mr Laniado frequently appears in the press. Some recent examples can be seen below:

Prostate treatment in Harley Street and Windsor

Mr Marc Laniado is available for private consultation at 19 Harley Street. Operations, should they be required, are performed at the Wellington Hospital, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth and the London Clinic.

Initial consultations are at a rate of £240, and follow up consultations cost £150.

To book an appointment at 19 Harley Street, please ring 020 7036 8830 or 01753 860071.

Mr Laniado also provides private treatment for prostate problems at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor and Spire Thames Valley Hospital in Wexham.

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Date of registration:

01 Aug 1990


  • Erection & ejaculating-preserving procedures for prostate enlargement (BPH) - UroLift, Rezum and laser prostatectomy
  • Multiparametric MRI & MRI-targeted transperineal prostate biopsies
  • Use of biomarkers for men at risk or with prostate cancer
  •  Focal Therapy (HIFU) and Active Surveillance for prostate cancer
  • Retzius-sparing, nerve-sparing robotic prostatectomy



  • BSc (Hons)
  • MB BS
  • MD
  • FRCS (Urol)
  • FEBU


  • The British Association of Urological Surgeons
  • The Royal College of Surgeons
  • The European Board of Urology
  • The American Urological Association
  • Focal Therapy Group


  • Gilbert Bursary 2003
  • British Urological Foundation Fellowship 2002
  • Silver Medal in Basic Surgical Sciences of FRCS, 1990
  • Queen Charlottes and Hammersmith Special Health Authority Research Award, 1992


Private Practice

  • 19 Harley Street
  • The Wellington Hospital
  • The London Clinic
  • Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth
  • BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Spire Thames Valley Hospital

NHS Practice

  • Wexham Park Hospital (Frimley Health)



Mr Marc Laniado
Nuada Medical
19 Harley Street

Tel: 020 7036 8830

Email: ml@nuadamedical.com

Website: www.nuadamedical.com




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