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The Cardiovascular Health Clinic: Cardiac and circulatory healthcare in London


The Cardiovascular Health Clinic at 9 Harley Street, London is a dedicated cardiac and circulatory healthcare clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street.  The Consultant Cardiologists at the Cardiovascular Health Clinic have their NHS base at The Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust. 

They are leading experts from across the range of cardiology specialising in an extensive range of cardiac conditions which include the investigation and management of chest pain, heart attacks, shortness of breath, palpitations, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dizzy spells, fainting, heart valve disease, transient ischaemic attacks, atrial fibrillation and other rhythm abnormalities.   

The Cardiovascular Health Clinic

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of illness and death in the developed world, and for this reason the specialists at the Cardiovascular Health Clinic deliver high quality screening, lifestyle advice, preventive therapies, investigations and cardiovascular treatments.

At the clinic cutting edge technology is utilised to perform a comprehensive range of cardiovascular diagnostic investigations all in house, as well as providing a wide range of cardiac treatments. If more complex care is required it will be performed at a partner private hospital or leading specialist NHS Trust.

Risk and screening for cardiovascular disease

Scoring systems for assessing cardiovascular risk are available, but these can be further enhanced with a personalised approach to screening for cardiovascular disease, which allows for individually targeted preventative strategies.

Tests and screening for cardiovascular disease include:


Private cardiovascular treatments available in Harley Street

Cardiovascular disease includes diseases of the arteries, veins, heart muscle, heart valves and electrical conduction in the heart.  

Treatments available at the Cardiovascular Health Clinic include:

CT scan

Follow up heart care

Cardiovascular disease is a long term condition. The specialists at the Cardiovascular Health Clinic consider follow up treatment to be extremely important and they will help you plan your future cardiovascular testing and treatment schedule.

International and self referring patients

The Cardiovascular Health Clinic welcomes international patients from around the world. The doctors at the clinic practise as NHS Specialist Consultants and adopt modern management practices including working as a team based around multidisciplinary meetings to ensure the best possible clinical advice is given to patients.

You may be referred to the Cardiovascular Health Clinic by your GP, but the clinic welcomes self referral from patients who wish to consult directly with a specialist.


  • Consultant Cardiologist,  Dr Smith of The Cardiovascular Health Clinic performs an emergency ‘Primary’ angioplasty and coronary stent procedure for a heart attack patient. Read the full article here 


"Dr Wong and Amina are both very friendly and efficient"

PM MAY 2016

"Dr Dalby and Amina have been perfectly approachable and thorough. The tests were handled to make me feel totally comfortable and at ease"

RK APR 2016

"Personable, friendly and clear explanations"

NS JUN 2016

"I have been under the care of Dr Dalby for many years and have received the very highest standard of care possible".

TN JAN 2015


  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Angina
  • Heart attack
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart valve disease
  • Heart failure
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Heart rhythm abnormalities
  • Slow heart beat
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • TIA and stroke
  • PFO and ASD
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Claudication



The Cardiovascular Health Clinic

9 Harley Street

Consultations: 01895 828666 

Tests: 0207 079 2102 

Fax: 0207 079 2103

Email: info@cvhc.co.uk

Web: www.cvhc.co.uk


Consultant Cardiologist, Miles Dalby explains the need for a Hybrid Theatre at Royal Brompton


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