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HDC Medical Trichology Centre: Hair Transplant in London

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HDC Medical Trichology Centre, provides consultations and advice on hair transplantation in its London offices, supported by a leading hair restoration clinic in Cyprus. HDC was established in 1989 and has become one of the leading Hair Transplant Centres in Europe, enjoying the patronage of customers from as far as the UK and Spain.

Their mission is to provide consistently high quality permanent hair restoration results to all their patients. HDC is committed to treat each and every patient individually, taking into consideration their personal needs and aspirations.

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London Hair Transplant Clinic

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic offers FREE no obligation consultations in their Central London offices on a monthly basis. The offices are located at at 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BT. The building is conveniently situated near several underground stations including Regent's Park, Euston Square, and Baker Street. The closest by foot are Great Portland Street and Warren Street.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

The principle behind hair transplant surgery stems from the permanency of some hair. While some hair on your scalp has a transient life span, other hair tends to endure for a lifetime. It was found that permanent hair could be moved to any part of the body where it can continue to grow and behave as if it were still in its original site.

HDC before and after

Hair transplant is a safe, minor surgical procedure that involves removing donor hair from the back or sides of the scalp (donor area) and placing them into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp (recipient area).

Hair transplantation can be performed in two different techniques:

  • The “Strip Harvesting Technique” which involves removing a strip containing a large group of follicular units from the donor area 

  • The “Follicular Unit Extraction” (FUE) Technique", which involves removing one follicular unit at a time directly from the donor area.

Why Choose HDC?

  • HDC's hair transplant documented results are many and are illustrated them with clear and good quality comparable before, post-op and after photos; they are recent and constantly updated on their hair transplant website and always show a close up of the hairline.
  • HDC Hair Clinic uses its own research and development programs for developing new techniques. The new “Trigrowthic Closure” developed and offered only by HDC, is the only non-visible scarring “Strip Technique” in the world

HDC hair transplant
  • HDC offer Super Mega Sessions of 3500-4500 Grafts, when the donor area allows, thus giving more coverage and avoidance of multiple sessions. HDC take pride in dedicating a full time medical team of ten to one patient, something that no other hair restoration clinic in Europe can achieve.

  • HDC have introduced the one visit  total coverage concept with the development of “Follicular Unit Extraction”. Hair sufferers with extensive baldness now have the chance to combine the two techniques of Strip & FUE and cover the complete balding area with only one visit to the clinic



London office:


Regent’s Street

338 Euston Road




UK Freephone: 0808 234 7929

Global Tel:        +357 22 34 61 61


Email: info@hdc.com.cy 

Web:   www.hair-transplant.org.uk



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