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108 X-Ray and Imaging: Private ultrasound and x-rays in London

108 X-Ray and Imaging
108 X-Ray and Imaging in Harley Street, London provides an efficient modern and personalised service within a friendly and re-assuring environment. In addition to rapid diagnostic breast imaging using digital mammography, ultrasound and (where appropriate) fine needle aspiration cytology or core biopsy, they offer a full range of plain film investigations, general ultrasound including abdominal, gynaecological and small part imaging.

The centre was originally established to provide diagnostic imaging support to The London Breast Clinic and The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic but the high quality of the radiological team meant that requests were received to provide services to a wider range of referrers.

Recent improvements to the department include digital mammographic equipment with facilities for stereotactic core biopsy, digitalising plain xray and new and improved ultrasound imaging. They also work with other local centres for the provision of MRI and nuclear medicine investigations where indicated.

Private x-ray and imaging services available in Harley Street, London

Plain X-Ray

This is the most common type of x-ray investigation. X-Ray is a form of invisible, short wavelength, electromagnetic energy. Low doses can be passed through tissues to produce images of bones, organs and internal tissues. At 108 X-Ray and Imaging these images are processed through a CR reader, which converts them into a digital image.

Digital MammographyFull field digital mammography is a diagnostic, low dose x-ray examination, using dedicated equipment, for examining the breast.  It is usually offered to women over 35 and is used routinely in screening programmes.  It is also the first investigation for symptomatic purposes, including for those with a family history of breast cancer or on hormone replacement therapy.  In order to perform a mammogram, the breast is compressed between two perspex x-ray plates, some women find this uncomfortable, and a very small number may find it painful.  Mammography is carried out by a radiographer and the image of the breast is then reviewed by a consultant breast radiologist, who will produce a report for the consultant breast surgeon.

Breast Screening

Screening mammography is used to detect breast changes in women who have no signs or symptoms or observable breast abnormalities. The goal is to detect cancer before any clinical signs are noticeable. This usually requires at least two mammograms from different angles of each breast.

Most patients referred to The London Breast Clinic are done so by their Doctor as they have symptoms that requiring investigation. If patients are concerned about their breast health it is possible to self refer for breast screening.


Ultrasound scans are painless. Ultrasound is a technique using high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of internal tissues and organs. During the procedure, a special gel is spread onto the area to be examined, then a transducer (small hand held microphone which emits sound waves) is passed over the area. The echoes it picks up are converted into an image, which is then reviewed by a consultant radiologist, who produces a report for the consultant surgeon.

Doorway - The London Skin Clinic: dermatology services in Harley Street, London

Experienced team for x-rays and imaging

The 108 X-Ray and Imaging team comprises radiologists, radiographers, healthcare assistant and medical secretaries. They provide high quality imaging, reporting with rapid turnaround of reports to referring specialists. All of the clinical staff are members of The London Breast Clinic multi-disciplinary team.


  • Dr Nick Perry
  • Dr Mike Michell
  • Dr Nigel Barrett
  • Dr Felicity Muncey
  • Dr William Teh
  • Dr Neil Edmonds
  • Dr Gill Markham

Cytologists & Histopathologists:

  • Dr Clive Wells

What to expect at 108 X-Ray and Imaging

Reception - The London Skin Clinic: dermatology services in Harley Street, London
Most patients first visit to 108 X-Ray and Imaging will be following a consultation with a Consultant Surgeon within one of the clinics at 108 Harley Street. The investigation will normally have been booked made at the time of Consultant appointment was made to ensure where possible all investigations are done within the first visit to the clinic.

Read more about what to expect, follow up visits and Frequently Asked Questions.

Payment and costs

At 108 X-Ray and Imaging, their objective is to provide the highest standard of professional care with the minimum of delay, in relaxed and friendly surroundings.



108 X-Ray and Imaging
108 Harley Street

Tel: +44 (0)20 7563 1234
Fax: +44 (0)20 7563 1212




108 X-Ray and Imaging 

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